Additional file 4: of The transcriptomic and proteomic responses of Daphnia pulex to changes in temperature and food supply comprise environment-specific and clone-specific elements

Figure S3. Two-dimensional protein gels from the D. pulex clone M under starvation stress. The 2D gels, which are fusion (averaged) images from a varying number (n) of gels (biological replicates, 25-30 animals each), show changes in protein expression in the D. pulex clone M after the acute exposure of control animals (20 °C, ad libitum feeding) (blue spots; n = 4) to (a) 24 h (orange spots; n = 4) or (c) 48 h (orange spots; n = 5) of starvation (T = 20 °C). Red or green spot IDs mark significantly up- or downregulated proteins (t-tests, P < 0.05; see Table 4). See Additional file 3: Figure S2 for further explanations. (PDF 127 kb)