Additional file 4: of Study protocol of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial incorporated into the Group Lifestyle Balance™ program: the nutrigenomics, overweight/obesity and weight management trial (the NOW trial)

GLB™ Program [52]/NOW Trial Curriculum and Modifications for Genetic Testing Intervention Groups. Legend for Additional file 4. 1. The physical activity goal and references to fat grams were verbally modified in the “To Do” lists at the end of sessions. Participants were reminded about how response to different diets and physical activity for weight loss differ from person to person. Based on their personalized genetic report, participants were advised and taught how to reach their personal nutrition and physical activity goals. This modification occurred throughout the GLB™ Program’s “To Do” lists and is not included in Additional file 4. 2. The GLB™ Curriculum begins in class 2. Class 1 allows for an overview of nutrition and physical activity guidelines either based on [1] the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges and population-based health information and recommendations or [2] genetic-based information and recommendations. Refer to Additional files 2 and 3 for sample reports provided in class 1. 3. Participants were informed about how the program is typically used for individuals with pre-diabetes, since our population consisted of overweight/obese adults who may or may not have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. (DOCX 19 kb)