Additional file 4: of Selective killing of spinal cord neural stem cells impairs locomotor recovery in a mouse model of spinal cord injury

Figure S4. Catwalk assay on GCV-NestinTK mice. Histogram in panel A, shows locomotor functions of GCV-WT mice (blued dots, n = 6) and GCV-NestinTK mice (red dots, n = 6). Data are represented as Basso Mouse Scale (± S.E.M.) mean values of the locomotor score of each group. Statistical analysis in panel A has been done comparing at each time point GCV-WT and GCV-NestinTK mice. Day 3 p = 0.015; day 5 p = 0.00047; day 7 p = 0.00014; day 10 p = 0.00031; day 14 p = 0.00046; day 18 p = 0.00019. Footprint and timing view of a GCV-WT (A) and a GCV-NestinTK (B) mouse acquired by the Catwalk XT Gait Analysis System. RF (right front), LF (left front), LH (left hind), RH (right hind) paws. (TIFF 4588 kb)