Additional file 4: of Origin and higher-level diversification of acariform mites – evidence from nuclear ribosomal genes, extensive taxon sampling, and secondary structure alignment

2015-09-02T05:00:00Z (GMT) by A Pepato P Klimov
Trees obtained in analyses using different partitions and nucleotide models; Internode certainty measures for 3- and 2-partition phylogenetic analyses. A-F: Tree topologies for analyses combining stem and loop regions, all data partitions, and assigning 6A and 7A models for stem and GTR + I + G models for loops. Bootstrap proportion values are given for each node. G: For each node, Internode Certainty (IC) and Internode Certainty All (ICA) indices are shown on ML trees inferred from stem and loop (A) or all regions (B). IC is followed by ICA. (RAR 368 kb)