Additional file 4: of Novel 18-gene signature for predicting relapse in ER-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer

Table S10. Likelihood ratio (LR) χ2 and p values for CTS and 10-year signature in three groups of POLAR validation set for 0–5 and 5–10 years of follow-up. Both univariate and multivariable analyses are presented for years 0–10, years 0–5, and years 5–10 separately. LR test based on Cox proportional hazards models for univariate and multivariable analyses. Differences in LR values (ΔLRχ2) were used. CTS was used as a covariate in the multivariable regressions. POLAR Molecular Predictors Of early versus LAte Recurrence in ER-positive breast cancer, CTS Clinical Treatment Score. (DOCX 15 kb)