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Additional file 4: of Multiple interspecific hybridization and microsatellite mutations provide clonal diversity in the parthenogenetic rock lizard Darevskia armeniaca

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posted on 29.12.2018 by Anastasiya Girnyk, Andrey Vergun, Seraphima Semyenova, Andrei Guliaev, Marine Arakelyan, Felix Danielyan, Irena Martirosyan, Robert Murphy, Alexey Ryskov
Figure S1. Schematic representation of the TCS network that reflects distribution of genotypes 1–9 in D. armeniaca. Concatenated sequences of D. armeniaca genotypes were analyzed using TCS software v.1.21. Genotypes 10–13 are plotted separately. Population distribution of the genotypes is shown by different colors. Numbers indicate the number of individuals in populations. The black circles show, unsampled, but computer-predicted genotypes. (TIF 802 kb)


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