Additional file 4: of Maternal variant in the upstream of FOXP3 gene on the X chromosome is associated with recurrent infertility in Japanese Black cattle

Transcriptional binding sites of neighboring g.92,377,635A > G in the upstream region of FOXP3. (a) Transcriptional binding site analysis of neighboring g.92,377,635A > G was analyzed by JASPAR. Position Frequency Matrix (PFM) was converted to Position Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSM). PSSM scoring scales are represented by superscripted letters as follows: a score; sum of values from indicated cells of the matrix, b relative scores; normalization of the scores to the range of 0–1. (b) SeqLogo; a graphical representation of frequency matrix. Y-axis is information content, which reflects the strength of the pattern in each column of the matrix. A magenta arrow indicates g.92,377,635A > G. (PDF 518 kb)