Additional file 4 of Linker histone variant H1t is closely associated with repressed repeat-element chromatin domains in pachytene spermatocytes

Additional file 4: Figure S4. A. Peak to peak comparison of H1t ChIP-sequencing peaks with DSB hotspots, total H3K4me3 marks, Dmc1, TSS-associated H3K4me3, Hotspot-associated H3K4me3, PRDM9 and ATAC sequencing datasets. 99% of the H1t peaks overlap with methylated CpGs in the rDNA element. The y-axis represents the number of methylated H1t peaks weighted by the number of methylated bases, and the x-axis represents the individual H1t peaks that are aligned on the rDNA element. The various regions of the rDNA element have been labelled below the peak distribution maps.