Additional file 4: of Genomic analysis of the Phalaenopsis pathogen Dickeya sp. PA1, representing the emerging species Dickeya fangzhongdai

A functional prediction of the genes encoded by each GI predicted in the PA1 genome. Twenty GIs were predicted from the PA1 genome. Genomic regions indicate the exact genomic positions of each GI. Locus tags indicate genes encoded within the genome sequences of each GI. The predicted COG functions indicate the functional annotation based on the COG database. PK/NRP clusters were predicted within GI13, GI14 and GI20, including B6N31_13175–B6N31_13415, B6N31_15010–B6N31_15240, B6N31_21480–B6N31_21670. (XLSX 13 kb)