Additional file 4: of Genetic deletion of genes in the cerebellar rhombic lip lineage can stimulate compensation through adaptive reprogramming of ventricular zone-derived progenitors

Figure S4. Nestin-Expressing Progenitors (NEPs) differentiate into granule neurons in response to loss of Gli2 in the hemispheres. (a and c) H&E staining of hemispheric sagittal sections of P30 Nes-FlpoER/+; R26FSF-TDTom/+ (Nes-TDTom, a) and Atoh1-Cre/+; Gli2lox/lox; Nes-FlpoER/+; R26FSF-TDTom/+ (Atoh1-Gli2 CKO; Nes-TDTom, c) mice injected with Tm at P0. (b and d) FIHC detection of the indicated proteins and dapi on hemispheric sagittal cerebellar sections at P30. High power images are shown of the areas indicated by yellow rectangles in (a and c). IGL is indicated by the yellow doted line. Scale bars represent 1 mm (a and c) and 100 μm (b and d). (JPG 1479 kb)