Additional file 4: of Engineering Geobacillus thermodenitrificans to introduce cellulolytic activity; expression of native and heterologous cellulase genes

Figure S2. Congo red assays of cellulase expressing G. thermodenitrificans cultures. Congo red assays of G. thermodenitrificans cultures grown on LB2 medium with 1% carboxymethylcellulose. Each culture produces a different cellulase. Ø: empty plasmid (pNW33n) control; CelA: GH5 endoglucanase CelA (Geobacillus 70PC53); CelK: GH9 exoglucanase (C. thermocellum); GE40wt: GH5 endoglucanase (Geobacillus metagenome derived) containing its native signal peptide; GE40: GH5 endoglucanase (Geobacillus metagenome derived). (PDF 48 kb)