Additional file 4: of Drought stress has transgenerational effects on seeds and seedlings in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Trait correlations: Table summarizing all significant correlations (p < 0.1) between the two main parameters total maternal seed yield (Yield) and seedling fresh weight building of the progeny (SFW) and different single yield, seedling growth, seed quality and seedling metabolome parameters, determined in 8 diverse winter oilseed rape genotypes grown in a semi-controlled container trial under control (C) and drought stress conditions (S). S + C: Correlations were calculated among both treatments. S/C: Correlations were calculated between the relative values of each trait-trait combinations as quotient of value from stress treatment to value from control treatment. Seeds/Sil.: Number of seeds per silique, Seeds/Pl.: Number of seeds per plant. (JPG 236 kb)