Additional file 4: of Deficiency of the BMP Type I receptor ALK3 partly protects mice from anemia of inflammation

Hepatocyte-specific Alk3 deficiency resulted in suppressed liver Alk3 and hepcidin mRNA expression. Relative hepatic Alk3 mRNA levels from Alk3fl/fl and Alk3fl/fl; Alb-Cre 14 days after heat-killed Brucella abortus (BA) injection (*P = 0.03: Alk3fl/fl injected with saline [n = 4] vs Alk3fl/fl; Alb-Cre saline [n = 4]; **P = 0.004: Alk3fl/fl injected with BA [n = 6] vs Alk3fl/fl; Alb-Cre injected with BA [n = 6]. (TIFF 65 kb)