Additional file 4: of Comparative analysis of the root transcriptomes of cultivated and wild rice varieties in response to Magnaporthe oryzae infection revealed both common and species-specific pathogen responses

Table S2. RNA-sequencing and quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR) data of the verified genes. The fold-changes shown were obtained from RNA-sequencing and qRT-PCR data derived from C + F vs C comparison and W + F vs W comparison. Red, blue and black colors indicate the up- (fold-changes ≥2 with a q-value < 0.05), down-regulated (fold-changes ≤2 with a q-value < 0.05) and unchanged genes, respectively. The four treatments were non-inoculated cultivated rice (C), cultivated rice inoculated with Magnaporthe oryzae (C + F), non-inoculated wild rice (W), and wild rice inoculated with M. oryzae (W + F). (PDF 54 kb)