Additional file 4: of Bone-derived Nestin-positive mesenchymal stem cells improve cardiac function via recruiting cardiac endothelial cells after myocardial infarction

Figure S4. Isolation, characteristics and cardiac remodeling effect of bone marrow-derived Nestin+ cells. (A) Flow cytometry was used to isolate Nestin+ cells from the bone marrow of postnatal day 7 Nestin-GFP mice. (B) Histochemical evidence of adipogenic (Oil Red O staining) and osteogenic (Alizarin Red staining) differentiation of bone marrow-derived Nestin+ cells. Scale bar, 100 μm. (C) Flow cytometry analysis of the presence of the cell surface markers Sca-1, c-kit, CD44, CD105, CD45, CD11b on cultured bone marrow-derived Nestin+ cells. (D) Representative M-mode tracings from mice receiving MI + saline, MI + Nestin+ BMSCs or MI + Nestin+ BmMSCs at 1 and 4 weeks post-MI (n = 12 for each group). (E) Ejection fraction of different groups derived from echocardiography measurements. The means ± SEMs of the results are shown. *: p < 0.05. (TIF 1322 kb)