Additional file 4: of Assessing the benefits of horizontal gene transfer by laboratory evolution and genome sequencing

Figure S4. The amounts of B, K and W donors in mixed donor-recipient culture decrease rapidly over time. Upper panels: The vertical axes (note the logarithmic scale) show the daily rate of decrease (cfu/ml day; colony forming units per ml of culture per day) in donor density during four consecutive daily serial dilutions, estimated via linear regression [102]. Each colored circle corresponds to data from a donor strain (see color legend), in a mixed culture with either a K recipient and different concentrations of HPA and glycerol (left upper panel), or with a W recipient in different concentrations of butyric acid and glycerol (right upper panel). Lower panels show the nutrient concentrations used (see also Additional file 27: Table S3). We carried out two replicate experiment for each donor-recipient combination per nutrient condition. (EPS 128 kb)