Additional file 4: Table S4. of Epigenomic and metabolic responses of hypothalamic POMC neurons to gestational nicotine exposure in adult offspring

Co-expressed lncRNAs and protein-coding genes in cis. Co-expression of lncRNAs (columns A and B) with their nearest (adjacent or overlapping) protein-coding gene (column D) was determined by the Pearson’s correlation coefficient r (column F). An r value > 0.602 or < −0.602 was regarded as significant (p < 0.05, two-tailed t test, n = 11). Co-expressed lncRNA/protein-coding gene pairs are ranked by the absolute r value. A positive r value indicates positive correlation and a negative r value indicates negative correlation (column G). The distance between lncRNA and protein-coding gene (column H) was defined as the distance between their nearest borders irrespective of strand orientation (columns C, E) and was set 0 for overlapping lncRNAs and protein-coding genes. LncRNAs were positioned upstream, overlapping, and/or downstream of the coding gene body (column I). A number of lncRNAs overlapped the coding gene promoter (column J) defined as the 10 kb upstream sequence of a gene. Only lncRNA and coding genes with average expression levels > 1 CPM (columns K and L) were considered for analyses. LncRNA expression was in most cases less than that of the coding gene (column M). Coding genes function in various biological processes (column N). (XLSX 63 kb)