Additional file 4: Table S3. of The dynamics of smoking-related disturbed methylation: a two time-point study of methylation change in smokers, non-smokers and former smokers

Results for the longitudinal time since quitting analysis. The first sheet: Presents the sites statistically significant for TSQL category 1 or TSQL category 2. The columns “Sign. for TSQL category 1” and “Sign. for TSQL category 2” indicate whether the CpG site is significant longitudinally (reference category individuals who have never smoked) for TSQL category 1 (>0–4 years since quitting smoking at the time of the follow-up) and for TSQL category 2 (5–14 years). In addition to the longitudinal coefficients and p-values (representing the rate of change of methylation between baseline and follow-up per year relative to never smokers), cross-sectional coefficients are also given (representing the methylation difference to never smokers at baseline). “Chromosome” is the chromosome of the CpG site and “Gene or region” is based on the annotation file provided by Illumina (HumanMethylation450 v1.2 Manifest File). The remaining sheets: Results for all 590 CpG sites for each TSQL category and for the time coefficient. (XLS 695 kb)