Additional file 4: Figure S4. of Brinp1 −/− mice exhibit autism-like behaviour, altered memory, hyperactivity and increased parvalbumin-positive cortical interneuron density

Up-regulation of Astrotactin 1 and Astrotactin 2 mRNA in the embryonic brain and adult hippocampus of Brinp1 knock-out mice (normalised with actin). a qPCR showing a significant increase in Astn2 mRNA, t(9) = 2.829, p = 0.0222, in the developing (E18.5) mouse brain. Levels of exon 3-deleted Brinp1 mRNA (Brinp1Δe3) also increase t(9) = 2.733, p = 0.0231, unpaired Student’s t tests. No significant changes overserved for Brinp2 mRNA levels or Brinp3 mRNA levels. b An increase in Astn1 and Astn2 expression was also detectable in the hippocampus at 6 weeks of the Brinp1 −/− mice: Astn1: t(9) = 3.384, p = 0.0081, Astn2: t(9) = 2.821, p = 0.0200, unpaired Student’s t tests. No significant changes were detected in levels of Brinp1Δe3 mRNA, Brinp2 mRNA or Brinp3 mRNA. c No significant change in expression of Brinps or Astrotactins in the 6-week-old Brinp1 −/− cortex. N = 3 WT, 4 Brinp1 −/−, *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. Normalisation against actin expression levels. All data represented as the mean ± SE. (PNG 70 kb)