Additional file 4: Figure S4. of Inhibition of BMP and of TGFβ receptors downregulates expression of XIAP and TAK1 leading to lung cancer cell death

MEK-1/2 and Src signaling do not cause feedback activation of Id1 following inhibition of BMP signaling. (A-B) Western blot of tumor xenografts treated with BMP inhibitors for 24 h and 9 days. (C) Western blot analysis of H1299 cells treated with DMH2 for 24 and 48 h. (D) Western blot analysis of A549 cells treated with DMH2 for 48 h. (E) H1299 Id1-luc cells were treated with DMH2 or PD0325901 (PD) alone or in combination for 48 h and luciferase activity determined. (F-G) H1299 and A549 cells were treated with DMH2 or PD alone, or in combination and the number of live cells determined after 7 days. (E-G) Data depict the mean as the percent of control. Experiments were performed at least 3 times. (TIF 9413 kb)