Additional file 4: Figure S3. of Ultrastructure and localization of Neorickettsia in adult digenean trematodes provides novel insights into helminth-endobacteria interaction

TEM of HPF/FS fixed P. elegans. a Overview of a cross-section of the tegument showing a lose cluster of endobacteria (arrows) in one area, but no endobacteria in other areas. b Large endobacteria (arrows) are localized in the wall of the gut, while endobacteria are mostly absent in adjacent tissues. Note the cluster of small structures (boxed area) in the parenchyma. c Magnification of boxed area from b shows a few small endobacteria (arrows) with typical membrane structures among electron dense structures without pronounced membranes. Abbreviations: m, mitochondrion; sgc, shell globule cluster. Scale-bars: a, b, 5 μm; c 200 nm. (TIF 6120 kb)