Additional file 4: Figure S3. of The origin of Rosenthal fibers and their contributions to astrocyte pathology in Alexander disease

Rosenthal fibers (RFs) in subpial area in the neocortex of a 1 year-old KI homozygous mouse (a) and in human AxD brain (b). a1) Single optical slice from the enlarged boxed area in a. Note many small oval profiles positive for GFAP with central part stained with DAPI (arrows, only some marked). Immunostaining for GFAP, counterstaining with DAPI. Confocal microscopy. b1) and b2) enlarged boxed areas in b show DAPI staining of RFs in astrocytes. Note that large astrocyte profiles are filled with many densely packed RFs. Double immunostaining for GFAP and vimentin (VIM). Counterstaining with DAPI. Confocal microscopy. Scale bars: 80 μm. (JPG 2054 kb)