Additional file 4: Figure S3. of Influence of platelet-activating factor receptor (PAFR) on Brucella abortus infection: implications for manipulating the phagocytic strategy of B. abortus

Uptake of B. abortus facilitates the internalization of PAFR from membrane. (a) RAW 264.7 cells were pretreated for 5 min with a PAF (200 nM), followed by infection with B. abortus for indicated times. Cell plasma membranes were isolated and monitored for the immunoblot analysis using an antibody against PAFR. Sodium potassium ATPase (Na/K ATPase) antibody was applied for quality control of plasma membrane. Images shown are representative of three independent experiments. (b) PAFR levels were quantified by fold activation detected as standardized ratio of PAFR to β-actin over basal levels present in resting cells. Data represent the mean ± SD of triplicate trials from three independent experiments. Statistically significant differences from the untreated samples are indicated by asterisks (**, P <0.01). (TIF 144 kb)