Additional file 4: Figure S3. of Improved genome sequencing using an engineered transposase

Schematic representation of Tn5 tagmentation. There is 9 base pairs overlap between top and bottom strands. Two Tn5 transposase monomers, Tn5-A and Tn5-B form a dimer and tagment a double stranded DNA. Forward and reverse strands are shown in the figure. A typical bias plot from sequencing of B. cereus is also shown in the figure (refer to Fig. 3a). For every base at position P (where P is between 1 and 9) in a read, theoretically there is another read in the sequencing results that has complementary nucleotide to that base at position 10-P. This results in a symmetry between positions 1 and 9 in the bias plots, and the center of the symmetry will be at position 5. (PDF 113 kb)