Additional file 4: Figure S3. of ERK mediated upregulation of death receptor 5 overcomes the lack of p53 functionality in the diaminothiazole DAT1 induced apoptosis in colon cancer models: efficiency of DAT1 in Ras-Raf mutated cells

p53 activation in HCT116 cells. a. p53 activation was checked in HCT116 cells by western blot with phosho p53 antibody (Ser 15). b. Nuclear translocation of p53 was checked by immunofluorescence using an antibody against p53 and was visualized by Alexa 488. Nuclei were stained with propidium iodide. c. Nuclear localization was checked by western blotting against p53 antibody. An antibody against Lamin was used as a nuclear marker. (TIF 1599 kb)