Additional file 4: Figure S3. of A novel strain of cynomolgus macaque cytomegalovirus: implications for host-virus co-evolution

Break down of two-dimensional bit-score plots between CyCMV Mauritius-CyCMV Ottawa versus RhCMV 68-1-RhCMV 180.92 by ORF function. Graphs represent comparisons of ORF homologue bit-scores across three strains simultaneously. ORFs are coloured according to known function. Individual ORF may have several functions and are present in multiple plots. Immune ORFs are involved in host immune regulation or evasion, entry ORFs are known cell entry factors, temperance ORFs are involved in temperance of viral growth, membrane ORFs are presented in cell membrane on infected cells or in virions, DNA/nuclear are known to interact with DNA or shuttle to the cell nucleus, capsid ORFs form the virus capsid, tegument proteins are found in the viral tegument, the function of ORFs with other known function vary, and the function is unknown at the time of writing for ORFs plotted as unknown. ORFs are annotated according to CyCMV Mauritius names except for ORFs of unknown function or membrane ORF where some ORF are left unlabelled. (PDF 52 kb)