Additional file 4: Figure S2. of The transcriptional and splicing landscape of intestinal organoids undergoing nutrient starvation or endoplasmic reticulum stress

Metabolic stress induces a downregulation of a common gene subset. (A) Venn diagram comparison of the genes commonly downregulated more than 2.5 fold upon nutrient starvation and thapsigargin treatment. Hypergeometric tests were used to calculate the P values for significance of overlaps. Scatterplot analysis of the genes transcriptionally downregulated (cutoff >0.4 fold) upon thapsigargin and nutrient starvation. Plots are displayed analyzing of the total number of genes (391) (B) or categorized by gene function (C). (D) Analysis of the gene function of the 18 genes commonly downregulated upon thapsigargin and nutrient starvation (cutoff >0.4 fold). (PDF 262 kb)