Additional file 4: Figure S1. of Lipocalin2 suppresses metastasis of colorectal cancer by attenuating NF-κB-dependent activation of snail and epithelial mesenchymal transition

Changes of proliferation and colony-formation capacity in the indicated cells. (A) Western blots detection of LCN2 expression in LCN2 knockdown cells (HT29) and LCN2 overexpressing cells (RKO). (B) Quantification of CCK8 measurement (OD value) of proliferation 96 h after indicated cells were seeded in 96-well plates (2500 cells/well, measured with microplate reader at 450 nm). (C, D) Colony formation assays on soft agar and quantification of the fold change of average diameter (C) and plates and quantification of relative counts based on colony diameter (HT29-SHB/sh-LCN2: diameter ≧7 cm; RKO-OB/LCN2: diameter ≧2.5 cm) with corresponding cells (D). Values shown are the mean ± SD from at least three independent experiments. * P < .05, ** P < .01, *** P < .001, scale bars, 100 μm. (TIF 4350 kb)