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Additional file 3: of UDiTaS™, a genome editing detection method for indels and genome rearrangements

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posted on 21.03.2018 by Georgia Giannoukos, Dawn Ciulla, Eugenio Marco, Hayat Abdulkerim, Luis Barrera, Anne Bothmer, Vidya Dhanapal, Sebastian Gloskowski, Hariharan Jayaram, Morgan Maeder, Maxwell Skor, Tongyao Wang, Vic Myer, Christopher Wilson
Figure S2. Example editing events. Examples of various editing events in the U-2 OS bulk editing experiment shown in the Integrated Genome Viewer (IGV) [26, 27]. A schematic on top of each view depicts the observed editing event. Reads colored in red/blue were aligned to the top/bottom genomic reference DNA sequence. Note that small indels are observed in addition to the junctions formed from the larger structural changes. These indels likely arose due to repair pathway activity prior to rearrangement. a. 323 site small indels. b. 323-64 large desired 1.1 kb deletion junction. c. 323-64 large desired 1.1 kb inversion junction. d. 323 homologous junction. (PPTX 147 kb)


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