Additional file 3: of Transcriptome analysis of genes and metabolic pathways associated with nicotine degradation in Aspergillus oryzae 112822

Table S1. DEGs between the YD and Nic libraries. Table S2. COG classification of DEGs. Table S3. GO classification and enrichment analysis of DEGs. Table S4. KEGG pathway annotation of DEGs. Table S5. Candidate genes involved in the demethylation pathway of nicotine degradation in A. oryzae 112822. Table S6. DEGs associated with energy production in A. oryzae 112822 exposed to nicotine. Table S7. DEGs encoding enzymes involved in oxidative stress responses. Table S8. DEGs encoding enzymes involved in phase II detoxification. Table S9. DEGs encoding transporters involved in efflux of nicotine and its metabolites. Table S10. Information for the primers used in the qRT-PCR analysis. (XLSX 1155 kb)