Additional file 3: of The motility regulator flhDC drives intracellular accumulation and tumor colonization of Salmonella

Figure S1. Growth Rates of Salmonella. A) Growth rate of Salmonella in liquid media (LB). All three strains grew at about the same rate (Sal, 1.313 hr-1; F-Sal, 1.273 hr-1; S-Sal; 1.26 hr-1), although F-Sal grew at a significantly slower rate than Sal (*, P < 0.05). There was no difference in the growth rates of ΔsipB (S-Sal) and control (Sal). B) Constitutive GFP fluorescence of intracellular Salmonella within MCF7 cells. The increase in intensity from one to five hours indicates the increase in the number of bacteria. Scale bar is 10 μm. C) Intracellular bacteria grew exponentially at a rate of 0.19 hr-1. (PDF 950 kb)