Additional file 3: of The chemodiversity of paddy soil dissolved organic matter correlates with microbial community at continental scales

Table S2. Multivariate analysis of bacterial data and drivers using canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) and non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS). Constrained (CCA) and unconstrained methods (NMDS and envfit) were used to compare and interpret effects of edaphic, geographical, and DOM factors on the microbial diversity. CCA1, CCA2, MDS1, and MDS2 stand for the angle cosines of variables and the axes. Pvals.1, empirical P values of fit statistic of environmental variables in CCA; Pvals.2, empirical P values of fit statistic using envfit to present environmental variables in NMDS; r2, goodness of fit statistic. Variables with Pvals.2 ≤ 0.001 were ticked on the “Fig. 3c” column and shown on Fig. 3c. (XLSX 16 kb)