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Additional file 3: of The Antarctic Circumpolar Current as a diversification trigger for deep-sea octocorals

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posted on 04.01.2016 by Luisa Dueñas, Dianne Tracey, Andrew Crawford, Thomas Wilke, Phil Alderslade, Juan Sánchez
Ancestral character state reconstruction for the locality of the bottlebrush octocorals through a maximum likelihood approach. This analysis was run under a symmetric rate model using the packages ‘phytools’ [107] and ‘geiger’ [108] in R. Pie diagrams at nodes represent probabilities for each state, and the colours correspond to the localities: red for Tasmania, green for New Zealand, orange for Macquarie Ridge, and blue for Antarctica. Notice that for nodes A, B, and C the ancestral locality reconstruction is unresolved. (DOCX 153 kb)


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