Additional file 3 of Tacr3 in the lateral habenula differentially regulates orofacial allodynia and anxiety-like behaviors in a mouse model of trigeminal neuralgia

Additional file 3: Figure S3.Tacr3 overexpression in the left LHb did not change the basal pain threshold or parameters for anxiety-like behaviors in sham mice. (a) Thresholds for mechanical stimulation in the V2 (left) and V3 (middle) areas and wiping time in response to acetone (right) were unchanged by AAV-Tacr3-ove application. (b) The percentages of open-arm distance, time, and entries were unchanged following AAV-Tacr3-ove application in the left LHb. (c) The central distance, central time, and central/total distance in the OFT were unchanged by AAV-Tacr3-ove application in the left LHb.