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Additional file 3: of Stock identification of minor carp, Cirrhinus reba, Hamilton 1822 through landmark-based morphometric and meristic variations

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posted on 21.06.2019 by Rokhsana Ethin, Md Hossain, Animesh Roy, Marcellin Rutegwa
Figure S2. Location of the 10 landmarks for constructing the truss network on fish body illustrated as small circle and morphometric distance measures between the circles as lines. Landmarks refer to (1) anterior tip of snout at upper jaw, (2) most posterior aspect of neurocranium (beginning of scaled nape), (3) origin of dorsal fin, (4) insertion of dorsal fin, (5) anterior attachment of dorsal membrane from caudal fin, (6) anterior attachment of ventral membrane from caudal fin, (7) insertion of anal fin, (8) origin of anal fin, (9) insertion of pelvic fin, and (10) insertion of pectoral fin. (JPG 146 kb)