Additional file 3: of Soluble expression of recombinant midgut zymogen (native propeptide) proteases from the Aedes aegypti Mosquito Utilizing E. coli as a host

Figure S3. SDS-PAGE analysis and BApNA activity assays of samples collected from the small-scale growth experiment of AaSPVII-NL non-induced SHuffle® E. coli cells (NEB) grown in TB media at 15 °C. Samples were collected at the given time points (in hours). The MW ladder is in kilo-Daltons (kDa). The gel shows both the total and soluble samples collected at the same time-points as in Fig. 4c There is no expression of AaSPVII-NL zymogen. In addition, very little to no BApNA activity is observed (plot on the right), similar to the pre-induction (0 h) and early post-induction (4, 8, 10 h) samples in Fig. 4c. (DOCX 746 kb)