Additional file 3: of Selective killing of spinal cord neural stem cells impairs locomotor recovery in a mouse model of spinal cord injury

Figure S3. GCV treatment ablates proliferating SC-eNSCs in NestinTK mice. Panels A and B show representative confocal images of VIM (red) and Brdu (green) in the ependymal layer of GCV-WT (A) and GCV-NestinTK (B) mice (n = 3 for each group). Mice were sacrificed at the end of the GCV treatment. Quantifications (means ± S.E.M.) are shown in panel C. Two-way ANOVA followed by Bonferroni’s multiple Comparison test has been used to analyze data. ** p = 0.011 and p = 0.045 in thoracic and lumbar segments, respectively. Scale bar 20 μm. (TIFF 2754 kb)