Additional file 3: of Resolvin D1 prevents epithelial-mesenchymal transition and reduces the stemness features of hepatocellular carcinoma by inhibiting paracrine of cancer-associated fibroblast-derived COMP

Figure S1. Identification of CAFs derived from HCC patients. (A) CAFs and PTFs were isolated from human HCC tissues and adjacent normal liver tissues. α-SMA expression in CAFs and PTFs were determined by immunofluorescence staining. The magnification of the picture is 400×. Scale bars = 20 μm. (B) qRT-PCR was performed to detect the expression of COMP and α-SMA at mRNA level. n = three independent experiments, **P < 0.01 versus control by t test. (C) Expression levels of Col 1α, fibronectin and α-SMA in CAFs and PTFs were determined by western blotting. * P < 0.05 or ** P < 0.01versus control by t test. (TIF 806 kb)