Additional file 3: of Psychoactive pharmaceuticals at environmental concentrations induce in vitro gene expression associated with neurological disorders

Descriptions of gene sets and results of analyses. This file contains table that represents the analyses of gene sets within neuronal systems (a. Development, b. Regulation, c. Growth), (d) Neurological Disorders, and (e) ASD groups. Source indicates the database from where the gene set was derived, Gene Ontology (GO) or Molecular Signatures Database (MSigDB). Size represents the number of genes in each gene set. MIX_UP, MIX_DOWN, VPA_UP and VPA_DOWN indicates gene sets which were found up-regulated in the mixture, down-regulated in the mixture, up-regulated in the valproate, and down-regulated in the valproate treatments, respectively. Gene sets with P-value < 0.01 and Q-value < 0.1 were considered as statistically significantly enriched. For non-significant gene sets, refer Additional file 2 for P-values and Q-values. Enriched gene sets in human cells and corresponding scores are marked in bolds. Enriched gene sets in fish brains are italicized and marked in parentheses. (DOCX 124 kb)