Additional file 3: of PseUI: Pseudouridine sites identification based on RNA sequence information

The benchmark dataset M_944 for M.musculus. The benchmark dataset H_990, S_628, and M_944 is formed by 495, 314 and 472 Ψ-site-containing sequences and 495, 314 and 472 false Ψ-site-containing sequences, respectively. Both H_200 and S_200 are formed by 100 Ψ-site-containing sequences and 100 false Ψ-site-containing sequences, and none of the samples included here occur in the corresponding benchmark datasets. Each of these samples for H.sapiens and M.musculus is 21-bp long with the uridine located at the center, and each of these samples for S.cerevisiae is 31-bp long with the uridine located at the center. None of the sequences included here has ≥60% pairwise sequence identity to any other in a same subset. (DOCX 54 kb)