Additional file 3 of Long noncoding RNA ZFAS1 promoting small nucleolar RNA-mediated 2′-O-methylation via NOP58 recruitment in colorectal cancer

Additional file 3 Figure S1. The expression and correlation analysis between ZFAS1 and snoRNP complex based on the TCGA database. Figure S2. The (m) RNA expression of ZFAS1, NOP58, SNORD12C, and SNORD78 in CRC tissues and matched tumor-adjacent controls (n = 30). Figure S3. The correlation analysis of ZFAS1, NOP58, SNORD12C/78 expression in 30 paired CRC and control tissues. Figure S4. The effect of ZFAS1 on cell proliferation and apoptosis in CRC cells. Figure S5. The correlation of ZFAS1 and NOP58 expression and prognosis evaluation in CRC patient tissues. Figure S6. The 2′-O-Me activity levels after interfering ZFAS1 and/or NOP58 expression. Figure S7. The 2′-O-Me activities mediated by SNORD12C and SNORD78 after silencing SNORD12C and SNORD78.