Additional file 3 of Localization, quantification and interaction with host factors of endogenous HTLV-1 HBZ protein in infected cells and ATL

Figure S3. HBZ nuclear speckles do not co-localize with PML nuclear bodies (PML-NB). ATL-2s cells were reacted in a pairwise combination with the 4D4-F3 ant-HBZ mAb antibody and a polyclonal rabbit anti-PML antiserum. Anti-HBZ mAb was revealed by Alexa fluor 546 labeled goat anti-mouse IgG (red), whereas the rabbit antibodies were revealed by Alexa fluor 488-labeled goat anti-rabbit antibodies (green). Two representative cells are shown. The “merge” column panels represent the merge between the Alexa fluor 546 and the Alexa fluor 488 signals. A co-localization of HBZ with PML would result in a yellow color. Differential interference contrast (DIC) image of each cell analyzed is shown in the last column panels.