Additional file 3: of Inflammatory response to the administration of mesenchymal stem cells in an equine experimental model: effect of autologous, and single and repeat doses of pooled allogeneic cells in healthy joints

Values of clinical and synovial parameters. Mean ± standard deviation (SD) of local temperature and synovial fluid analysis for autologous (Injection 1), allogeneic (Injection 2) and repeat allogeneic (Injection 3) mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) injected joints and their controls. Numeric values for local temperature (°C), total protein concentration (g/dL), White blood cell count (cells/μl) and neutrophil count (cells/μl) at each time point for Injection 1, Injection 2 and Injection 3 are provided. Asterisk symbol (*) indicates statistically significant difference (p <0.05) between control and MSC treated joints at each time point. (DOCX 18 kb)