Additional file 3: of Inflammasome and toll-like receptor signaling in human monocytes after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Monocyte mRNA expression in patients who had suffered cardiac arrest and the control group. Shown are kinetics of monocyte mRNA expression levels, expressed as mean relative copy numbers ± standard deviation (SD), in patients who had suffered cardiac arrest in the first 12 h (CPR t1; n = 30), after 24 h (CPR t2; n = 29) and after 48 h (CPR t3; n = 23) following CPR, and in the control group with coronary artery disease (CAD; n = 19). Statistical hypothesis testing was performed using the Kruskal–Wallis test and post-hoc analysis with all-pairwise comparison using the Dunn–Bonferroni approach indicated as the p values listed above. (DOCX 15 kb)