Additional file 3: of Identification of a neuronal population in the telencephalon essential for fear conditioning in zebrafish

Figure S2. GFP expression patterns of 16 Gal4FF;UAS:GFP fish that showed reduced performance of the active avoidance response. A dorsal view, a ventral view, and a schematic side view with positions of coronal sections are shown on the top. Serial coronal sections with position numbers are shown in the bottom. a hspGGFF10C, b hspGGFF20A, c hspGFF38B, d hspGFF55B, e SAGFF36B, f SAGFF70A, g SAGFF81B, h SAGFF120A, i SAGFF226F, j SAGFF228A, k SAGFF231A, l SAGFF233A, m SAGFF234A, n SAGFF234D, o hspGFFDMC12A, p hspGFFDMC56B. Scale bars in whole brain images: 500 Îźm. Scale bars in coronal section images: 200 Îźm. (PDF 3264 kb)