Additional file 3: of Evolutionary dynamics of origin and loss in the deep history of phospholipase D toxin genes

2018-12-18T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Matthew Cordes Greta Binford
Figure S2. Sequence alignment of cysteine-rich C-terminal domains found among Aquatic clade homologs. Note the presence of 10 perfectly conserved cysteine residues per domain, along with a glycine-rich motif and conserved tyrosine at the C-terminal end (asterisks). Sequence names include an abbreviation for genus and species, preceded by a number to account for multiple homologs from a given species and a letter to account for multiple domains within a homolog, e.g. “b1_Eurh_ex” denotes the 2nd cysteine-rich C-terminal domain found in homolog 1 from Eurhomalea exalbida. The sequence names is also tagged with a protein or nucleotide identifier for the database source of the sequence. (PDF 375 kb)