Additional file 3: of Enabling cell-type-specific behavioral epigenetics in Drosophila: a modified high-yield INTACT method reveals the impact of social environment on the epigenetic landscape in dopaminergic neurons

Comparison of tagged GFP expression in adult Drosophila brain. The INTACT transgene (unc84-2XGFP) was driven in dopaminergic neurons (TH-GAL4) using different copy numbers of the UAS promoter and expression of GFP was compared using the same imaging settings. (A) 3X-UAS- (B) 5X-UAS- and (C) 10X-UAS-unc84-2XGFP. The 3X-UAS-unc84-2XGFP transgene most faithfully reproduced TH-GAL4 expression, while ectopic expression was observed upon further increases of the UAS copy numbers. Dopaminergic neurons were stained with anti-TH antibodies (red), INTACT transgene expression using anti-GFP antibodies (green), and N-cadherin (blue) was used as reference. See Fig. 1b for 3X-UAS-unc84-2XGFP brain imaged at higher intensity. Scale bar is 20 μm. (PDF 5243 kb)