Additional file 3: of Effect of triploidy on liver gene expression in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) under different metabolic states

Figure S1. Enriched Gene Ontology Categories Between Dip0 and Dip1. After an analysis of GO term enrichment (Fisher’s exact test) was performed on the DEGs between Dip0 and Dip1, enriched GO term numbers (433 enriched categories) were reduced using the software REVIGO. The size of each rectangle is based on the false discovery rate corrected p-values. The REVIGO software uses an algorithm similar to hierarchical clustering based on semantic similarity between GO terms (i.e. proximity of terms in the GO hierarchy). Each displayed GO term is a representative from a cluster of similar GO terms (i.e. semantically similar terms) and is joined into superclusters with representatives having the same colour. (TIF 1660 kb)