Additional file 3: of Developmental characteristics of pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii: insight into key molecular events related to shell formation, settlement and metamorphosis

The expression pattern of shell protein coding genes at different development stage in C. gigas. The y-axis is the normalized RPKM value. E, egg; TC, two cells; FC, four cells; EM, early morula; M, morula; B, blastula; RM, rotary movement; FS, free swimming;EG, early gastrula stage; G, gastrula; T1, trochophore 1; T2, trochophore 2; T3,trochophore 3; T4, trochophore 4; T5, trochophore 5; ED1, early D-larva 1; ED2, early D-larva 2; D1, D-larva 1; D2, D-larva 2; D3, D-larva 3; D4, D-larva 4; D5, D-larva 5; D6, D-larva 6; D7, D-larva 7; EU1, early umbo larva 1; EU2, early umbo larva 2; U1, umbo larva 1; U2, umbo larva 2; U3, umbo larva 3; U4, umbo larva 4; U5, umbo larva 5; U6, umbo larva 6; LU1, later umbo larva 1; LU2, later umbo larva 2; P1, pediveliger 1; P2, pediveliger 2; S, spat; and J, juvenile. (PDF 155 kb)