Additional file 3: of Convergence in LINE-1 nucleotide variations can benefit redundantly forming triplexes with lncRNA in mammalian X-chromosome inactivation

Representative secondary structures of Rsx RNA predicted by Mfold. The numbers denoted at some loops indicate the number of nucleotides in each motif that are located in the single-stranded loops of Rsx RNA. Note that the motifs in the Rsx AG-12 domain, positions 4,141–4,630 and 9,821–10,620 are only redundant-AG (r-AG) motifs because of the lack of redundant-UC (r-UC) motifs in these regions (see Fig. 3a). The RNA secondary structures predicted for each of these two regions in the Rsx AG-12 domain are similar, and a representative Structure 1 is presented. On the other hand, those predicted for the Rsx UC-dominant domain are varied, and three examples are presented here (Structures 1–3). (PDF 282 kb)